Top Ten Movies of 2015

Last year brought us tons of fantastic movies. Movies that topped charts in box office profits more than any year in history. Today we will count down the top ten movies of 2015. This post is based on research, other people’s opinions, but mainly our opinions.   Honorable Mentions: Bridge of Spies Selma The Hateful Eight […]

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We’re Back!

Ladies and Gentlemen – We are very sorry we have been gone for the last year. We wish we could say that we lost our password, or we got hacked, but here at Ratingz TopTenz we don’t lie. We’ve been really busy with school, and since the blogging workshop class was over, we didn’t have […]

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Best Game Ever

We have been playing Clash Of Clans lately. It is by far the best game we have played – and still play! Will is town hall 10, and I am town hall 8. Our clan is The Round Clan, come check out our clan and request tot join! We can’t guarantee that all of you will […]

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