We’re Back!

Ladies and Gentlemen – We are very sorry we have been gone for the last year. We wish we could say that we lost our password, or we got hacked, but here at Ratingz TopTenz we don’t lie. We’ve been really busy with school, and since the blogging workshop class was over, we didn’t have anything pushing us. I can tell you that when we found out the class was starting again (Yes people, it’s back), we were stoked and jumped to the occasion to start blogging again!

We decided that we were going to clean up the blog, edit some things that we weren’t comfortable with, and start adding more posts at least over once a week. Our goal is to blog at least until the year ends, but we really want to keep this blog as long as possible.

Something we discovered today is that since we haven’t posted, we have only had 20 views. But after posting on twitter that we were back, we have gotten over 80 views just in the last 4 hours! We want to thank everyone who used to visit, and for all the newcomers: Keep posted because We Are Back!

Screen Shot 2016-03-16 at 2.22.27 PM.png
Ethan – Will


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