Top Ten Non-Horror Movie Jump Scares

This list, like most others is based on research and our own opinion. Many different videos showed good jump scares, but we had some jump scares that we knew personally from watching the movie that weren’t on these lists that we added. We will also add links to videos on the names of the jump scares. These clips are all from YouTube.

Now lets get to the list.

#10 – Car Scene – Harry and the Hendersons

This was not one, but two jump scares. The well filmed scene made most people gasp when they saw the creature jump past the car, and the other creature lean over the car window.

#9 – Large Marge: Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure  (Link Here)

This jump scare was scary because the monologue leading to the scare was creepy. Just imagine, an old woman in a dark van talking about a horrifying car accident, your anxiety is already built up, but then an extremely non anticipated scare follows that, just of her looking at you and making a terrifying face.


#8 – Hello Harry: Spiderman 2 (Link Here)

Even if you knew it was coming, it still made you jump. A giant claw shooting up at you from under a building will make you jump no matter what.


#7 –Trelawney’s Prediction: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Askaban (Link Here)

This was very unexpected and scary, since you felt like something bad was going to happen, but you didn’t know it involved the crazy teacher that you were just in class with.


#6 – Bilbo’s Dark Side: The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring  (Link Here)

Case closed, this jump scare didn’t have anyone jump behind you, it wasn’t like large marge which changed camera angles, it was the same shot, just a very terrifying facial expression. Check it out if you’d like.

#5 – A God Awful Feeling: Mulholland Drive  (Link Here)

Although this is a highly anticipated jump scare, we’ve got to give them credit. It wasn’t one of those loud, jumps up right in front of you scares, it was simply this scary looking guy walking in front of the camera, but it still gave the audience a huge reaction.

#4 – Nagini Through Hole: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 1 (Link Here)

This jump scare already had us terrified, since the events before the scare were so creepy. This scare can’t really be described, since it all happens so fast.

#3 – Hanging Around: The Dark Knight  (Link Here)

This jump scare is the definition of unexpected. The brilliance behind man dressed as batman, landing on the window from being hanged, really makes us appreciate the excellent writing, and the fantastic plot.

#2 – Sloth Wakes Up: Se7en  (Link Here)

This jump scare is so scary because of the timing, and creepiness of the scare. Its as simple as him waking up/breathing, but its so perfectly timed, which is why it gets so high in the list.

#1 -Back In Buisness: Jurassic Park  (Link Here)

This is not just one jump scare, its a chain of jump scares that happen after you think their will be a jump scare, but the scene ends right before it starts again and gets you three times.


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